Statement of Purposes

The Rural Residents’ Rights Group is established to:

  1. Provide a non-sectarian and non-party-political forum through which financial Association members, through the Association’s elected Committee of Management may represent, promote and protect community interests and values of NT rural residents.
  2. Ensure the principles of equity, natural justice, ethics, transparency, accountability, good governance and sound economic management generally are applied for all NT rural residents by all levels of government by monitoring and reviewing these processes regularly.
  3. Uphold the principles of participatory democracy, natural and social justice, sustainability, and ethical and open governance.
  4. Uphold the right of the NT rural community to be consulted and to participate fairly and openly in all processes of governance including third party appeals processes.
  5. Ensure the high quality of the NT natural environment is conserved and enhanced through:
    a. Protecting environmental features and significance and protecting natural, historic and scientific resources.
    b. Preserving community and cultural values.
    c. Protecting rural land, landscapes and lifestyle values.
    d. Fostering sustainable development as per Purposes (6&7).
  6. Promote NT rural importance, and pursue on-going recognition and protection of:
    a. Rural character, values, features, role, function and future.
    b. Territory policies regarding environmental, natural resource and  tourism/recreation importance relevant to the NT rural area.
    c. Rural natural beauty and conservation significance.
  7. To form and express views on economic, environmental and social issues, policies, decisions and the like, in particular those that may adversely impact the wider community’s interests and rights, or diminish or detrimentally alter the environmental importance and values of NT rural areas.
  8. To form and express views on political and election issues and to support rural candidates holding similar views.
  9. To associate and form alliances with those who share the above purposes and values.